Web Design & Development

Informational Websites

Choose a one-page contemporary or opt for the traditional five-page design layout to showcase your business as well as service online that won’t require frequent updates.

Corporate Websites

Corporate clients have some specific requirements to be fulfilled that can be accomplish with the corporate website design solutions.

Custom Website Development

Every business needs are unique hence solutions tailored to your specific needs are required so as to dazzle your visitors with the personalized platform design & your branding!

eCommerce Websites

The eCommerce solutions and tools are built to ensure that your online business is expertly managed while you focus on product development and client relationships.

Domain & Hosting

Domain Name

Domain names are like the street address that tells people where you live & helps customers drive directly to your website.

Web Hosting

Hosting is what makes your site visible on the web it is the place where all the website data and design are stored

eMail Service

Look like a world-class business, even if you operate out of your garage, with a professional email.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates provide secure, encrypted communications between a website and an internet browser.

Website Maintenance

  • Provide your website visitors with updated information on products & services, specials, hours of operations and other key information about your business.
  • Sync up your offline marketing programs and offers with your online presence.
  • Provide a reason for clients and site visitors to browse your site again.
  • Updating of information and photos on the site
  • Maintaining the functionality of the website e.g. making sure the shopping cart continues to function.
  • Adding new links and pages to the site.
  • Ensuring there are no broken links (web pages that are missing) on the site.
  • Advising you on how to use and grow the site effectively.
Terms of Contract
  • Typically website maintenance contract is for a year or six months.
  • It does not include any major redesign or reconstructions that equals more than 50% change to webpage, website, graphics on the website
  • CMS design or integration including but not limited to blogs, shopping carts and web forums. These require a separate design agreement.
  • Costing is dependent on the size and complexity of the website.

Additional website maintenance services that can be subscribed to are website analysis, on-site search engine and social media optimization, minimal programming, weekly/monthly backups & monthly site traffic and statics reports, are all subject to be charged individually.

Website Redesign

It seems irrational to redesign your website. You may be thinking why you need it. But we have answer for you.
Before we answer you ask some questions to yourself:

  • Are you satisfied with your current website & how it appears compared to your competition?
  • Was your website designed a long time ago?
  • Does your website comply to current web standards?
  • Are your visitors satisfied visiting your website?
  • Does your website have poor visits or hardly any?
  • Is the website user-friendly and easily navigable?
  • Do your prospective clients not call after they had seen your website?
  • Do you think that your company’s image deserves the best design?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, your website definitely needs a brush over.